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American Speedfest III

Posted by Damax on 8 June 2015

Damax were pleased to support Motor Sport Vision by providing this very special 1965 Gerhardt Offenhauser indy car for display on Britten's Parade at Brands Hatch for the 2015 American Speedfest weekend.  Soon after Jim Clark and Lotus very nearly won the 1963 Indianapolis 500 at their first attempt, racing shops all over America were making their own versions of the Lotus.  This Offenhauser engined car, built by Fred Gerhardt in 1965, was basically the same as the Lotus 29 which, in turn, derived directly from the immortal Lotus 25.  It is one of only three 1965 Gerhardts still surviving in original condition - the other two having been destroyed in accidents during the 1960s.  This car was given the number 65 for the season and ran under the banner of Travelon Trailer qualifying for the Indianapolis 500 in the hands of Ronnie Duman.  The car was in 12th place when Duman retired on lap 62.  Apart from ovals, this car also ran in road races and was fitted with symmetrical suspension and a rare Halibrand four-speed transaxle.



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